2013 – the year of the shift

I had the good fortune to have a wildcrafted potluck meal with some beautiful souls just before the new year.   I am privileged to call these people friends, for just look at the good they are bringing to the world!  Will, of Will’s Wild Herbs, hosted and offered a delicious sassafras sweet hot tea.  He is an herbal wildcrafter, bringing healing herbs to those who need them and blessing the earth with his kindness as he walks the woods.   Cheri, co-owner of Whitted-Bowers Farm, a biodynamic expression of human and earth goodness, was there with her kind smile and amazing chickweed pesto.   Obie, of Abanitu Organics, a whole farm ecological sanctuary, brought honey locust beer, a fermented, non-alcoholic heavenly drink, and a strong presence of integrity and goodness.  Judith, founder of the Energetic Clearing Process, brought an amazing pea soup along with great wisdom and sagacity about the changing times.

Our fall 2012 class with Will's Wild Herbs.  We are processing calamus.
Our fall 2012 class with Will’s Wild Herbs. We are processing calamus.

I had a moment sitting there on that cold end-of-December day, sun streaming in through the window, where I realized that this is what life is all about – coming together with like-minded, good-hearted people, feeling gratitude for the earth’s blessings and sustenance, inspiring each other to continue on our way, doing the best we can to be a part of human goodness and health.  For to me, being with people who have committed themselves to the betterment of the human race and the betterment of the earth does inspire me to do and be more, to grow and learn and become as humbly powerful as I can while I am alive on this planet.

We talked before our wild feast (and did I mention I brought black walnut cookies?), and the talk was of the change that seems to be occurring.  It is a spiritual sort of change – just as I was mentioning in my last post.  People and things that are unnecessary are falling away.   New events, new people, new places, new learning is coming to each of us.  Pay attention, for I am sure it is happening to you.   And have courage to embrace the gifts that are coming, to tackle the learning presented before you.  We each noted it – how the old is falling away quickly and the new is opening doors, windows, mailboxes…anything that gets our attention, that allows the entrance of something bolder, something that we are meant to do and be.

Will had the perfect physical example that is metaphorical for us all.   His house was mostly destroyed due to a fire, and during 2012 he lived out of the house in an apartment as the house was reconstructed.  With patience he made it through the displacement – his work and home entirely affected.   Sitting there in his beautiful kitchen on the eave of the new year was a significant and a somewhat holy moment, really, for here was a solid, reconstructed warm and dry home, ready for the new year and all he will bring to the world.  All of us have had things in our lives burned away during the past year – and we have had to endure the grief of the losses – so that we could start anew and create better structures and foundations from which to move into these new spaces of being to which we are being called.

We watched some videos of Will’s herbal teacher, Catfish Grey, and we were reminded that simple goodness, a close connection to the earth, and a life in service to others is a great recipe for happiness.  As Catfish said to Johnny Carson, I live in this moment, every day, I don’t worry about tomorrow, I don’t worry about yesterday, I just worry about this moment.

Let’s each worry about the present moment and our own present happiness, and remember Voltaire’s wisdom from the the last line of Candide: when approached with various philosophical thoughts, he simply said, “All that is very well, but let us cultivate our garden.”

All that is very well…all the anxiety producing worries and fears we carry for the greater human being (the individuals, the masses, the great human connection) as well as our worries for the greater being, the planet itself.   But let us not be paralyzed by worry into inaction, let us start with our own gardens, as these good friends of mine are doing.  Let the land love you and love the land; let your family love you and love your family; let your friends love you and love your friends; let your city love you and love your city.  We each make a difference when we allow ourselves happiness.  Sometimes it takes courage to embrace it, but do, please do, for you are deserving and entitled to happiness, to joy, to exuberance, to all that comes with life itself.

Voltaire knew that as we simply cultivate our own gardens, all of life will come to us in that very space, a space of beauty – a space like Abanitu Organics, Whitted-Bowers Farm, Will’s Wild Herbs, the Energetic Clearing Process, Dragonfly Energy Healing – whatever space we tend, we allow life to flourish there.   Life is about life.  Life engenders life.  Be a part of the life around you in this present moment; we need you and we need your present, mindful connection.

Best wishes for 2013.  I begin this year with such gratitude and the strong intention of presence.



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