Living with meaning

The point is: life comes with some sacrifice and some suffering, and we cannot escape the hardship. Happily enough, enduring the suffering and gamely making the sacrifices adds to the meaning with which we live our lives. It may not add to present moment happiness, but it gives us something more important, something more lasting: a reason to live. … More Living with meaning


In these bodies, we have a finite amount of time for living.  Certainly our souls may be infinite – something about us surpasses time – but our bodies, they die.  It is irrefutable.  Therefore, in what way can one be sure one is living fully every moment of every day? And, what is the reason … More Engage!

Helping strangers

I do feel lucky to have been born into a stable, loving family. I was able to receive a strong education. I have never gone hungry. I have always had warm clothes. My leisure time is spent in leisure, not survival. Additionally, as I have gone through life, I have developed strong spiritual beliefs. I … More Helping strangers

Movie Review: Wake Up

Directed by Jonas Elrod and Chloe Crespi, Wake Up is a new documentary being privately screened throughout 2010 and into 2011. The summary from the film’s website is an adequate plot description, as follows: Jonas Elrod was leading an ordinary life until he woke up one day to a totally new reality. He suddenly could … More Movie Review: Wake Up

Sixth sense

Here is a powerful story about a hospice residing cat who always knows a person’s time of transition. She kindly yet insistently rests by someone who is transitioning from this reality to the next. Science cannot explain this easily, but it does show that life forms are capable of knowing more than we typically believe. … More Sixth sense

Traditional Science and Unexplained Phenomena

As a practicing Reiki Master Teacher and someone who has a long-term interest in the science of healing, I am intrigued by the numerous scientific forays into the energy-healing world. Additionally, as the co-editor of the Rhine Online with a personal interest in psi, I have often noticed audiences at Rhine events lamenting the scientific … More Traditional Science and Unexplained Phenomena