Health and Wellness Coaching

My career in the wellness field began in 2008, when I became a Reiki Master Teacher and opened my own business in energy healing.  In 2012 and 2013 I trained at Duke Integrative Medicine to be a professional integrative health coach, someone who seeks, along with you, clues to the things and events in your life that have caused imbalance and disruption, and ways to stay aligned with a life path that brings you joy and satisfaction.  In 2019 I became a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and  it is my passion: I spend every spare moment I have researching health, behavior change, and ways to thrive on this planet.

Our health is not just personal anymore; we are impacted greatly by the world around us.  One round of antibiotics can disrupt our gut biome.  Birth control pills, NSAIDS, various toxins in our homes and workplaces, decades on the standard American diet can, over time, imbalance our health.  Fatigue, brain fog, bloating, irritability, and other such “inconveniences” are not a normal part of aging.  Disease is not the normal state of the human body.   I work with people to correct imbalances, to find and correct deficiencies, and to allow the body to regain its natural state of health.  Through radical nutritional changes, reduction in stress, an increase in daily physical movement, and an emphasis on adequate sleep, many, many imbalances will heal on their own.  For the more stubborn imbalances, lab testing and herbal supplementation can help move the process forward to a state of healing.

I work with individuals and groups.  I meet online via zoom or Skype or in person at my office in Durham, NC.  I am a kind and encouraging coach, but I’m also no-nonsense — I can’t bear to waste anyone’s time.  I’ve been known to spend the meetings walking or running with clients – we do whatever is best for you to start your new path to optimal wellness!

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