12-21-2012 – a new beginning

Much has been said and discussed about the Mayan prophecy for 12-21-12, and mostly I notice jokes about “another apocalypse” or some sort of doomsday prediction.
The Mayans, however, were sending a message through the ages, really, in that with their sophisticated understanding of time and nature (which they had correctly recorded for thousands of years and correctly predicted for thousands of years into the future), for some reason they could not see past the winter solstice of 2012.  It was like a “broken mirror” they said (Horn, soulshaman.com).
Courage for this journey.
Courage for this journey.
It is a transition point for this year, of course, the solstice: the longest night and shortest day.   But it is also a larger transition point in human evolution – one where humans are evolving and changing (and our present hope) growing toward a place of peace and connectivity to the planet.  The Mayans said that they could not see past this day in time; I believe that this was prophetic in that humans have come close to altering the earth so much that we are unsure if it can survive in its present form.
However, we are also changing and becoming aware of our actions and their consequences, and we are turning toward practices of harmony.   So, the specific equinox here in 2012 to me shows truth in their prophecy – the metaphor of the broken mirror holds true in that we are a bit broken, yet, when we look, we still see a reflection of beauty, a brightness – for deep within us, we humans are still pure love and light.  When we move past our egos and our petty thoughts and false stories of hurt and blame, we realize we do love the earth and each other, and we all do want to survive and thrive with the planet.
Daniel Pinchbeck explains it well in his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl,
For over a thousand years, the genius of the Mayan and Toltec civilizations that preceded the Aztecs were fixated on codifying their understanding of time, memorializing it in their stone architecture and sculpture.  According to their precise calculations, the Earth was approaching a cosmic conjunction that represented the conclusion of a vast evolutionary cycle, and the potential gateway to a higher level of manifestation…this approaching milestone also marks a rare astronomical event: the alignment of the Earth and the Sun with the “dark rift” at the center of the Milky Way on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012… The particular date is less important than the Mayan perspective, as the independent Mayan scholar John Major Jenkins puts it, “that around the year 2012, a large chapter in human history will be coming to an end.  All the values and assumptions of the previous World Age will expire, and a new phase of human growth will commence.”  He suggests that “the Maya understood this to be a natural process, in which new life follows a death.”
New life follows a death, whether a symbolic death or a physical one.  Our old ideas must expire if we are to remain on this planet in a healthy way.   To be mindful on this day is one step for each of us – to be mindful, aware, awake, alive, grateful, powerful, loving, kind – those are the qualities we hold to as we move forward trying to reflect back to the earth the love, strength, and sustenance we receive every breathing moment.
Hug a tree, lie down on the earth and soak in the rich stable energy that supports all of life, breathe mindfully, smile into the eyes of strangers and those whom you love, move beautifully through this world and this life for we have but one of each, we are gifted with them now, in 2012, and we can move into new sort of harmony, past the broken pieces of prophetic glimpses from the past.
Human consciousness, the sentient element of this Earth, is in the process of self-organizing to am more intensified state of being and knowing — what the Russian mystic G. I. Gurdjieff called a “higher octave.”  When the Hopi talk of a Fifth World, or the Aztecs anticipate a Sixth Sun, when St. John foresees the descent of the Heavenly City or New Jerusalem, they are describing the same thing: a shift in the nature of consciousness. (Pinchbeck)
Yes, we have gotten away from the noble beliefs of our earth-loving ancestors, but we are coming back, we are coming back to a place of peace.  It will take each of us to wake up and then to wake up those around us – we have no time to wait or stall because of the fear of being different or ridiculed – wake up now and do what you know is right.  Smile, seeing the truth of what is real in life, what is whole, what must be honored, what must be received, what must be given away.  You will know, in your own life, what needs to be done to walk the road of harmony and healing. Those who came before us want us to move through this moment.  Those who could come after us need us to move through this moment.
Many global events are planned – as you saw in my last post, One Earth One Voice happens at five pm US Eastern time; also, there is also a Native American worldwide drumming initiative at noon Eastern time and the New Dream Foundation holds a tele-meditation at noon, Pacific time.  Other events are happening all over the globe.
Pinchbeck published his book on 2012 in 2006, and I read it then, impressed with his ideas of societal change.   What he saw as already happening then, six years ago, is surely in the works now.  Because of our connectivity, the speed of communication and thought transfer, we are moving quickly toward something new.
If we were to conclude, after careful consideration, that our modern world is based upon fundamentally flawed conceptions of time and mind, that on these fatal defects we had erected a flawed civilization — like building a tower on an unsound foundation that becomes increasingly wobbly as it rises — then logic might indicate the necessity, as well as the inevitability, of change.  By closing the gap between science and myth, rationality and intuition, technology and technique, we might also understand the form that change would take.  Such a shift would not be the “end of the world,” but the end of a world, and the opening of the next.  (Pinchbeck)
This solstice is no doomsday apocalypse of physical endings, it is a time of change, a time for the end of our false understanding of reality and the beginning of holding to transparency and pure-heartedness.  For me, I plan to hold my awareness to my highest possible vibration – to be so present with the world around me, with the beauty that surrounds us, with the energy of life – and in those moments when humans have planned global synchronicity, I will try to chime in in my own way.
For me, December 21st, 2012, is a starting point.  It is a renewed commitment to a  mindful, courageous, meaningful life, where I end knowing I did all I could to help us move past brokenness into wholeness.  Change starts within, Ghandi said, and so, that is where I will start.
Blessings to you, and courage for the journey you must take now.
Pinchbeck, Daniel.  2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl.  NY: Penguin Books, 2006.

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