Spring thoughts

Here in North Carolina, spring is booming (and blooming).  Daffodils are in full force, crocuses, red buds are starting, spring peepers are calling all day and night, turtles are roaming, and spirits are rising.

My reading lately has inspired me to remember the oneness of all things.  Stephen Harrod Buhner’s book, The Secret Teachings of Plants: In the Direct Perception of Nature, teaches that “Universe is not a place but an event, not a collection of solids but an interaction of frequencies.  Not a noun but a verb.  And though the linear mind can examine parts of Universe through ever greater magnification, the living fabric of its truth can be experience only with an open heart.  The meanings in Universe are available to any who relocate consciousness and begin to perceive with the heart” (260).   Heart-based, intuitive living is powerful, he teaches, and brings us past the limitations of the ego if we allow it.

Additionally, I read Joe Dispenza’s You Are the Placebo.  What a brilliant concept Dispenza is teaching in that the Placebo Effect, well known and experimentally documented, can be harnessed individually for our health.   If a placebo has an effect because we believe in the power of the fake pill (or whatever it may be), then why not train our minds to believe in a different, better state of health – and then become that belief? His successes with those who have attended his teaching sessions show the profound influence our minds/our beliefs have on our bodies.

The current book I am reading is Larry Dossey’s One Mind, teaching and illustrating the connection all life forms have to each other – teaching the humility and power that comes from understanding our connection to what he calls the One Mind (what Buhner called Universe).

This weekend, March 20-22, 2015, I will be attending a retreat and teaching session led by Caroline Myss, one of my favorite authors and teachers, about the archetypal and mystical underpinnings of energy healing.   I look forward to writing about what I learn in the following week.

Blessings to you as you step into the newness and rebirth of spring (if in North America or Europe) or into the copious bounty of the fall season (if in the Southern Hemisphere).

I am looking forward to blogging more in 2015. 2shutterstock_lily with dragonfly and bee015.  The world, as always, is beautiful and connected.
It matters what you believe. It matters what you do. It matters that you try. Don’t give up.

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