We forget the reason for Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, All Soul’s Day, All Soul’s Night, the Day of the Dead…all traditions that commemorate those who have died, those who may now be in spirit form.  The traditional belief is that this night is the one time of the calendar year where the veil is thinnest, where those who are alive can communicate with those who have passed over.  Jack O’Lanterns on the doorstep were traditionally a way to ward off or trick malevolent spirits, and wearing costumes was to disguise one’s true self from a ghost or spirit.

In my view, in light of these traditions, Halloween is a sacred time, a time when our ancestors are more able to help and guide us, a time to be grateful to those who have come before, and a time to connect to the greater reality of which we are a part.  It takes some courage to address or interact with those entities on the other side; however, when done out of respect, love, and gratitude, one receives what one gives.  Life is powerful and good, and consciousness does not end with the end of the body.   Embrace the opportunity to love and be loved by those who have come before, those who have made your burdens a little lighter, those who have created the maps which you now follow, those who, by their courage and fortitude, have made your life possible.

Happy Halloween.   It is a happy, though somewhat serious, occasion.


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