Bill Bengston’s latest healing research

If you follow my blog, you know that I have a keen interest in Bill Bengston’s research on energy healing.   He has produced numerous scientifically sound experiments showing a 100% cure rate of mice injected with aggressive mammary cancer.  For a more detailed description of his past work, please see my original post here,  my attempt to heal rice using his therapy here, and link to his site, as well.

I was able to attend a skype lecture by Bengston on Friday evening, April 25th, 2014.  His latest research is inspiring and provocative.

As an energy healer, one of the things that most fascinated me was that when a healer is healing mice, the mice always move to the left hand of the healer.  The healer puts his or her hands on the sides of the cage, and the mice always move to the palm of the left hand.  Not only that, but the affected mice take turns having a moment in the “sweet spot”, the center of the left palm.  It reminds me of the ways bees take turns moving from the inside to the outside of the swarm during the cold winter months in order to stay warm.  For the mice, Bengston says, when they are healed, they wander away with no more interest in the healer’s hand.

His latest research also indicates that the body sends healing energy with no needed input from the brain.  In one study, he had healers in an MRI setting.   In the healers’ hands were placed envelopes which were sometimes blank and sometimes contained images of an animal in need (for example, a horse that had cancer and potentially some strands from the horse’s mane).   The MRI showed that the healers sent healing energy whenever a “full” envelope was placed in their hands and the healers did nothing when an empty envelope was placed in their hands.   The body unconsciously responds to need.

In fact, Bengston concludes, if there is an energy in energy healing, the energy comes from the need in the infirmity.  The need is what draws the energy.  Perhaps this is why he has been so successful with aggressive forms of cancer as compared to slower moving cancers.

The MRI research and other research also shows that a healer and healee are linked – their brains are bonded.  Bengston calls this resonant bonding.  “Physical separateness doesn’t mean independence,” he explains.

Bengston has had a theory about the immune system playing a key role in energy healing for a long time, and he has been able to achieve an experiment on nude mice, mice without an immune system, which tested his theory.  The nude mice received the same does of mammary cancer and also the same amount of energy healing as all the mice he cured in previous experiments.   However, the nude mice all died.   Interestingly (and sadly, to me), they did swarm to his left hand, as if they understood that the healing energy was coming from that place, but they were somehow not able to download the information (to use one of his metaphors).

His work is the best I know for a scientifically validated understanding of energy healing.  Much still needs to be investigated, but certainly his work shows that the Bengston method of energy healing cures aggressive cancers, human healers and healees are bonded during a healing session, the left hand seems to be a source of healing power, and the immune system plays a vital role in healing the body.

Ritual and superstition have no place in healing, he claims; healing simply happens.

Do you have thoughts on these results?  Human understanding of energy healing is in its early stages.


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