On energy healing…and related topics

Let me start by explaining the concept of energetic healing. Just as energy runs circuits, TVs, microwaves, etc., our body runs on energy. We can think of two definitions for energy: the formal term which applies to electricity and the informal term which applies to the amount of get up and go that we have on any given day. Energy healing likely applies to both of these. Our bodies work according to the principles of electricity – cell walls, for example, pull in or seep out molecules depending on their positive or negative charge. Neurons and synapses fire much like electrical circuits. Additionally, our energy is affected by those around us. Certain people can feel draining whereas others will feel energizing.

The human world is a close-knit one, and it makes perfect sense that we are influenced and affected by the people around us. Humans who are in healthy, loving environments will flourish and those who are subdued by violence or emotional abuse will usually express less than their life potential. The great spiritual teachers have always reminded us that we are all one. Energy, then, is shared, and passing energy from one human being to another seems logical rather than a stretch of the imagination.

The energy healer is a channel, only. Just as electrical energy goes through a circuit, she clears a path for energy to come through her chakras, the human energy centers, and out of her hands to the recipient. Though the human connection is nice, and being in the same place is preferable for that reason in terms of energy exchange, energy healing is actually not dependent on time or space. Recent studies of the power of human intentions (in comparison to Quantum Physics) show that we can influence the past as well as the future (see Lynne McTaggart’s work as well as Gregg Braden’s work). Additionally, one may send energy anywhere in the world and it is instantaneous in its transmission (again, see Gregg Braden’s books).

I have read much and studied diligently about the powerful effects of energy, and I do believe that we can help each other heal by non-invasive transmissions of healing energy. This doesn’t mean that I discredit Western medicine for its technology and often miraculous know-how, and sometimes the best course of action is to have the surgery, take the chemicals, undergo the procedure. We live in a fairly toxic world, and Western medicine often has to react to the effects of those toxins on our bodies. Energy healing, on the other hand, can be preventative as well as reactive. All of the body therapies fall under this category – massage, traeger, rolfing: in my opinion, even a good hug from someone kind can increase your immune system’s potential. Studies have shown that laughter increases our immune system. Happiness undoubtedly increases our immune system.

Have you ever noticed that sleep is probably our greatest self-healing tool? If something aches in the evening, it will often be gone by the morning. It can be a headache, a bruise, a sprain – you name it, sleep will help cure it. Part of its magic is that in sleep, the body slows down and concentrates on restructuring and healing all aspects. Energy healing attempts to help the body in the same way that sleep does. The client relaxes completely while the healer sends energy to the entire body, giving the body time to restructure and heal all things that need healing. If the client needs something specific worked out, the healer works more on that area. Usually, however, a session will include more than just the injured area as we know beyond a doubt that everything is connected.

In sum, everything and everyone is connected. We are connected by energy. An energy healer is grounded, skilled, and a strong and willing transmitter of this universal energy.

I feel grateful any time I have the opportunity to channel this energy in a beneficial way.

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