The Couple Who Met in a Near-Death Experience

I’ve never heard of two people meeting in a near death experience — here is a lovely review of a book describing just that phenomenon.

Sharon Hewitt Rawlette, PhD

I recently had the great pleasure of discovering Dr. Scarlett Heinbuch‘s new book Waking Up to Love, about the way she met her husband during a shared near-death experience.

You may have never heard about shared death or near-death experiences, as they are not nearly as well known as near-death experiences (NDEs) as a whole. However, these shared experiences are a very important piece of the evidential puzzle as regards the existence of life after death and the reality of the world that NDErs experience.

In a shared death or near-death experience, someone who is present at the death or near-death of another person will actually perceive along with them many of the elements that are common features of NDEs. The living person may float above their body, see a beautiful light, and perceive other deceased loved ones who’ve come to escort the newly dead. They may even…

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