I do not have the time to write a post today, though I have so many thoughts!


On facebook today Caroline Myss wrote such an inspiring last paragraph to her post, I would like to share it here in the hopes it will inspire others in the way she has inspired me.  Here, from Caroline Myss 7/21/14:

As for me – I’ve had mystical experiences I prefer to keep to myself, but I will share this: I obviously have little difficulty acknowledging the existence of evil. There is no such thing as only good any more than there is only daytime. We might want evil to be nonexistent – but that does not make it so. I would like all criminal politicians to be in prison, but that doesn’t change a thing either. What I do know to be the truth is that every good thing you are and do matters more than you will ever know. Never look to what others are doing. Attend to your own actions, to becoming courageous about being fully alive, fully creative, fully you. You were born to make a difference in this world just by being a whole human being. Never tell yourself that is not good enough – that’s how darkness speaks to you. Begin and end your day by blessing it, “I have another day of life – my life. Another day to give to this world. Flood me with grace. Do not let me waste this day feeling bad about days gone by, dead days, meaningless days. Let me fill up this day with life, love, and kind words and actions. This day of my life will never come again.”


I could not have said it better.   This day of my life will never come again.


Blessings to you.


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