On healing

I work with the Rhine Research Center as their magazine editor (Rhine Magazine).  I am grateful for the interactions with intelligent, open-minded people who either work with or frequent this organization, one focused on consciousness studies.

Several of us started an energy healing group about six months ago, and I’ve had the pleasant opportunity to practice energy healing with others.  My Reiki background has been helpful in terms of understanding and believing in our innate ability to help others balance and heal their bodies energetically.  As a group we have worked with Bill Bengston’s technique, cycling, which focuses the mind on joyful, sought after images and experiences, theoretically allowing the body to connect to the healee and influence her/him energetically.

Today the group met to send healing energy to a woman who has had sinus pain for a long time.   She has had so much pain that it is hindering her ability to enjoy life and her work.   Six of us were around her, and we did three short ten minute sessions.   It felt peaceful and kind to be a part of the group, and I had no idea if we were helping her in any way, but I hoped we were.

At the end of the second session, we asked her how she was doing, and, through tears, she said she had been able to get to the root of the thing causing the pain.  The best way she could describe it was “frozen sadness.”   She said that the feeling she got from the six of us sending the healing energy was a warm love.  The two battled a bit as the frozen sadness had been entrenched a long while, but eventually the warm love overcame.   She had the powerful realization that her work in the world and simply being in the world was hard on her spiritual body, and she needed to take time daily to dis-identify from the agonies and sadness around her.   We were all obviously moved by her realization and by her courage to confront the depth of her pain.

At the end of the session, we asked her what her pain level had been initially on a scale of 1 to 10.  She said an 8.   And now, we said?   She paused in thought and then said, nothing, no pain, just the faintest sense of where it was.

Was it a healing?   Or did a group of loving people provide the space to allow her to get in touch with the spiritual/emotional root of her pain?   Will she stay pain free?  Were we changed and healed by being there?

I share this in hopes that it will inspire others out there who feel disconnected or abandoned by the human world and for those who work so hard to help this world become better that they may be, unknowingly, carrying more than their share of burdens.  We are united together in powerful ways, and there are those who will allow you to feel this and know it – on a daily basis you will receive the gift of connection if you open to it.  Open your eyes, your arms, your heart; release the past; hold to this loving openness, and show up for life.

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