The blessings of winter

The winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, is a reminder that this season is a time to go within, to pay attention to our own moonlit guidance. Whereas in warmer months you may see multiple creatures from nature as guides, in the colder weather with long nights our guidance frequently comes from our own dreams, our intuition, and our creativity if we’ll give ourselves the space to create. The winter is a time of the stillness of seeds, there beneath the surface, waiting for the warmer weather to germinate. For us, concurrently, it is a time to trust that the seeds of new projects and new endeavors are surviving, patiently, intact and vibrant in their wholeness.

Trust this season. Rest and let your body and mind heal from the vigor of the past year. Bless and create wholesome, hearty food, and share it with your family, in whatever form it takes. Create works of art. Change your interior to be a place of warmth, security, and love. Plan for the future.

Traditionally, the winter is the season for which we prepare all year long. The planting, the sowing, and the harvest is all so that we can make it through these colder months. She is the queen of the seasons before whom we are humble and to whom we bring many gifts. Allow her to bless you now that you have made it here. Allow her to protect and nurture the seeds of your life. Trust that resting deeply into the arms of this season will bring you tremendous gifts of insight inaccessible at other times. Delve for them, for they will last you all the year long!

Many blessings to you during these winter months!

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