healing and creativity

I believe that healing has four levels. The physical level, of course, is the one we are most aware of. When our back aches, we are quite aware and we want it to stop. We go to a doctor, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a Reiki practitioner, and we ask to be healed. The emotional level, also, is challenging in that deep emotions can hinder us from living our greatest lives. Guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, and the like often drain our energy and prevent us from bringing our gifts into the world. Again, a therapy such as Reiki can alter one’s emotional state for the better. The spiritual world, according to indigenous beliefs, is where emotional and physical manifestations of disease begin. Something has intruded, something is out of balance, something is ignored – and, if this is left for a long time, it manifests as a physical ailment. Again, Reiki and other modalities, especially shamanic practices, can help ease this spiritual imbalance.

Mentally, we are also vulnerable to barbs and daggers from our own sabotaging mind as well as the opinions and justifications of others. We may know something in our heart, but our mind reasons with us as to why we should not follow that path. We should not write that poem because we are not good enough. We should not get out there and dance because others will laugh at us. We should not open that little boutique because it might fail and we will be out of money. This, too can be helped with energy work and meditation.

However, in addition to stillness, meditation, and energy work, I find that one of our greatest therapies is creation. Writing, dancing, singing, painting, creating your garden, parenting, loving – all of these things let us focus in the act of creation, and we leave our worries and our little saboteur behind in order to manifest something that is truly our essence – truly our gift to bring to this world. You feel joy in the creation of this gift, and you also have satisfaction in the finished product. Moreover, the finished product often provides great insight as to the next direction for your life (or at least your day, or your week). book-and-candle1What you create is often the closest you can get to soul’s guidance, and what you create on paper, on canvas, on the dance floor, THAT picture is a clue as to what you can hope to create in your ongoing life – or a clue as to what needs to be changed.

So, if this is such a panacea for our worries and strife, why don’t we do it more often?

Because life gets in the way! Our saboteur gets in the way. The dirty dishes get in the way, the laundry gets in the way, the e-mails get in the way, the invitation to lunch or dinner gets in the way (not that you should stop eating in order to create!). Many things get in the way, and, if nothing gets in the way, we usually find a way to create an obstacle to our creation time.


Because it is scary to create! We instinctively know that it is a great power. We second-guess and worry. We fear it will not be worthy. We fear we will not be as skilled as we would hope. Yet, if you never try, you will never know.

Both energy work and creativity seem daunting because both help you delve beneath the orderly and seemingly calm surface of things into the divinely chaotic subconscious.  Both let you access and develop parts of yourself that are powerful and transformational.  For this reason, we often hesitate to plunge into the process.

Dive in, say I!  Muster the courage to live your greatest life!

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