Winter Solstice/Yule

Yesterday we celebrated Winter Solstice.  It is a time of introspection and also a time of transition. Like all transition points, it is an opening of sorts, a place where the mystical blends with our sensory perceptions.  Transition points in nature are times when one is most likely to connect with spirit – the edge of a lake, the beach next to an ocean, two trails crossing together, the edge of a meadow, adjacent to the woods – all of these places hold more space for chance, mystery, and moments of seeing past our normal, everyday vision.

Winter Solstice, as it is the day in which the night is just as long as the day, the day that has the longest night of the year, the day that marks the time when the nights begin to grow shorter, the days longer, is a transition of time rather than space. It is a marked moment where we realize that things are changing, that things are getting warmer and brighter, that we have lived through the closing of the darkness and now we can prepare for its opening, even if we have much winter to live through still.

Winter is a time of introspection, and just as our clothes and hair become full of static as the dryness carries electrical current faster, it can be a time of healing, as well.  Like many other animal species, we are wise to slow down in the winter, to let our muscles rest, to cross-train if we are athletes, to eat root vegetables, to connect with our spiritual nature. It is a good time, if you can create the time and means, to do various bodywork sessions as it keeps your energy flowing and your psyche in touch with your deeper nature.crocuses in snowWinter is a time to go deep into your truest nature, to face the things you fear, to accept the things you are meant to do.  Delve deep and become still and you will know what you have come here for!  Like a bear hibernating in a den or a frog burrowing into the bottom of the pond, be still and let the natural world protect you as you listen, carefully, to the guidance that comes.  Like every other season, winter is a celebration of life.  It is the seed beneath the frozen ground resting and waiting for its time to grow.  Like the seed, listen and learn, plan and provide, so that when your readiness matches your moment in time, your greatest dreams will come forth.

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