Walking meditation

We all have heard of the benefits of meditation: stress relief, relaxation, easing the control of our egoic mind, accessing the unconscious, experiencing a sense of peace, being present in the moment, etc. I would guess that we all have struggled, too, with adhering to a meditation practice that allows these benefits. Many people say … More Walking meditation

Sacred Sound

We have lost touch with the sacredness of sound, and the majority of us find ourselves surrounded by discordant, machine-induced sounds that cause disharmony rather than harmony of body and spirit. Most of the cultures who are more consciously tied to the earth use the power of song and dance to connect to each other … More Sacred Sound

Myths of Creativity

In his book, releasing the creative spirit, Dan Wakefield writes about some common myths our culture seems to hold about creativity. An awareness of these is worthwhile, for our cultural beliefs just help us create (more) excuses for not starting a creative project. Wakefield’s list (with some added thoughts of my own) is as follows: … More Myths of Creativity