The necessity of time and space for growth and wholeness

Time and space feel like limits to this bodily, physical existence, but, in truth, they are but templates on which we create – and their very limits allow us to be integral parts of creation itself.

Think of the space in which a lush forest grows.  A flower seed falls onto the ground in one space, and there it will grow.  Time, however, is the perfect complement to the space that will allow the perfect fruition of that seed: the developing plant, in its due course, will react and change in each moment of growth according to all the plants and trees around it, all the insects, birds, and animals with which it interacts.  In its reactions, it will find the most sun, the most access to water and soil, the most fertile path upward.  Because of its slow progress through time, it will bloom at exactly the right moment, the moment that time, space, and the essence and effort of the flower allow.  In that moment, it has become what is was meant to become.  Along its path through time and space, it was always what it was meant to be in every sproutmoment.  Every seed, every flower, every plant is doing the same thing, actively reacting to the endlessly changing conditions of the space around them during the allotted time of their existence.  Because of these endless interactions of growth through time, a thriving ecosystem exists – a unified whole made of many beautiful parts.  A forest could not become itself without the structured limits of time and space.

Individual humans and their place in human communities are no different from that seed in that forest.  We are able to flourish as individuals within our allotted communities (our families, our friends, our work) because the parameters of time allow for moment to moment living, moment to moment reactions, moment to moment growth.  Each individual is similar to the ever reaching root of an immense tree that slowly finds its way through the dirt, inch by inch, carefully, determinedly, forward-moving – anchoring the tree every deeper in the soil in which it is set.  We, too, move inch by inch, forward through life, recoiling from friction, uniting with love, persevering through responsibility, creating this ever-growing ever-chaotic mess of a human world that works, that functions, that continues to breathe, move, and grow all because we each have the choice to react healthfully in every present moment, allowing the necessary growth and change that supports our health and the health of the overall being of which we are a part.

However you see the human community (and our place upon the earth itself), however you judge it, you must admit, you are a part of it.  You must admit, it works, somehow it works.  You must accept and trust, in every moment, your place in time and space.  And then, react!  Grow!  Move!   That is what we are here for, each of us to allow our inner essence to emerge.  Only then do we add to the whole in our best fashion.  Only then does our individual life make the whole stronger.

Assume present moment peace.  Have the surety that your actions and decisions matter – assurance that what is coming to you in this very moment, in this very space, is a part of a much larger tapestry, a tapestry in which you dictate the color and weave of your own thread (and somehow, possibly, the color and weave is, at the same time, destined).   As Anita Moorjani explains in her book Dying to Be Me, her powerful near death experience helped her understand this greater picture.  She quotes her book in her Facebook post on May 27th, 2014, explaining what she saw, in the near-death state:

“I saw my life intricately woven into everything I’d known so far. My experience was like a single thread woven through the huge and complexly colorful images of an infinite tapestry. All the other threads and colors represented my relationships, including every life I’d touched. There were threads representing my mother, my father, my brother, my husband, and every other person who’d ever come into my life, whether they related to me in a positive or negative way.

Oh my, there’s even a thread for Billy, who bullied me as a child!
Every single encounter was woven together to create the fabric that was the sum of my life up to this point. I may have been only one thread, yet I was integral to the overall finished picture.
Seeing this, I understood that I owed it to myself, to everyone I met, and to life itself to always be an expression of my own unique essence. Trying to be anything or anyone else didn’t make me better—it just deprived me of my true self! It kept others from experiencing me for who I am, and it deprived me of interacting authentically with them. Being inauthentic also deprives the universe of who I came here to be and what I came here to express.

You must be the person you were born to be, the person you have been shaped to be by all the experiences in your life thus far and your unique personality’s reactions to those experiences.  

We are here in the context of something larger, and we each play a powerful part, if we will but try, in each moment of space and time, to fearlessly step forward, move into the next right place, the next right thing (whatever that rightness is for you).  Trust each present moment, and trust yourself.   We have been gifted with limits that allow each of us us to be powerful aspects of a bigger process of creation. 

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